Welcome to Kate’s Cafe Corner! Here you’ll find an assortment of my homemade vegan recipes, crafts, and my personal health/wellness tips, tricks, and remedies. See anything that you want to try, but isn’t here? Send me a message with your request and/or ideas, and I’ll see what I can create for you!
~Kate “Fox” Janzen

All recipes are vegan, oil/gluten free, low to no added salt, straight to the point and add free, without a flood of pictures or novel sized origin stories. [See more…]

Let the creative juices flow! What more is there to say? Let’s make fun stuff. [See more…]

After being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition (ITP) in 2010, I’ve been constantly on the hunt for how to heal my body and achieve optimal health– then share what I’ve learned & experienced along the way with anyone who wants to know. [See more…]